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Communications médicales

Delivering the right scientific content, at the right time

Clinicians have limited time and capacity to absorb new information, yet still manage to innovate continuously, actively searching for new information to help their patients.

Our large team of seasoned medical writers, account staff and creative specialists collaborate to produce scientifically accurate, clearly written and illustrated content for your brand delivering a clear description of the disease state, the product mechanism of action and the value it offers patients and other stakeholders, including payers. Your message arrives at just the right time and place when they’re most receptive to your science, data and value story.

We see the big picture

Whether at the beginning of your asset’s journey or somewhere along its lifecycle, we can meet your business objectives to best communicate your asset or brand’s scientific value

La planification stratégique

We create scientific platforms and conduct nomenclature audits to clearly describe the disease state and the value the product will offer. Our research and insights on how different clinicians seek information and interact with content informs communications plans. With this approach, you will be able to effectively reach your targets with measurements in place to continuously evaluate and refine the tactics to meet your objectives.

La planification des publications

Effective, complete medical communications are rooted in extracting the most value from datasets and ensuring gaps in data are identified and filled where possible. We deliver full publication planning and execution from prelaunch through maturity and loss of exclusivity (LoE) including PLS and digital extenders.

L'élaboration de contenu

We produce slide content that is accessible and based in adult learning principles. We look to syndicate content across traditional and digital channels.

L’éducation par les pairs

From live, to virtual and hybrid meetings where healthcare professionals learn new approaches to managing care for their patients, we cultivate relationships with opinion leaders and faculty who work with us to help create valuable and compelling programs for clinicians.

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Agence de communication médicale intégrant une planification à multicanaux, une stratégie scientifique axée sur les résultats cliniques et une exécution impeccable

Agence de communication médicale établissant des relations, une compréhension et une collaboration entre l’industrie biopharmaceutique et les professionnels des soins de santé.

Our Medical Communications agencies are part of Syneos Health® Communications: At the Heart of Health.

Syneos Health Communications is a portfolio of innovative health-first, health-only advertising, branding, medical communications, market access, and public relations agencies — powered by Syneos Health® — that operates at the intersection of health, technology, and creativity.

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