Clinical & Corporate Careers
Carrières commerciales
Carrières commerciales

Ventes médicales, publicité et relations publiques, services médicaux sur le terrain, consultation commerciale et rôles commerciaux connexes.

Groupe de recherche d’Illingworth
Groupe de recherche d’Illingworth

Les candidats peuvent vérifier toutes les offres d'emploi de Syneos Health sur le site Syneos Health répond uniquement aux candidats provenant d'adresses de courriels @ vérifiées. Syneos Health ne demandera jamais d'informations personnelles ou d'argent. Les offres d'emploi ne sont pas prolongées sans une procédure formelle d'entrevue. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of any communication from or representing Syneos Health, please email us at jobs at prior to taking any additional actions.

People with Purpose

We are all inspired by something greater than ourselves. Our People With Purpose video and storytelling series uncovers what makes each of us tick and why we come to work here. Meet your future coworkers.

COVID-19 Resources For Candidates

We have evolved our ways of working throughout the global health crisis, ensuring that our processes, people and technologies support vaccines in the marketplace and keep patients in clinical trials. To remain committed to this goal, we are actively recruiting to ensure that the vital work of developing and delivering new therapies to patients worldwide continues.

Aperçu du travail ici

Chaque jour, vous vous souviendrez pourquoi vous avez choisi une carrière dans le domaine des soins de santé. Le travail est un défi. Le rythme est exaltant. Les gens sont inspirants, tant vos collègues que nos clients. Contrairement aux organismes de recherche sous contrat traditionnels et aux entreprises de commercialisation, nous avons systématiquement une vue d’ensemble chez Syneos Health. Notre approche unique et intégrée de lancement de nouveaux traitements sur le marché signifie que vous travaillerez et partagerez des données, des perspectives et des connaissances en synchronisation avec vos collègues des disciplines cliniques et commerciales.

Grow your career with a global company that is taking down walls and removing barriers to achieve one
goal: Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life®


I'm empowered to do my job to the best of my ability to make my client successful. What I enjoy most is the diversity in my work. I never know what I'll be doing when I come in.

Michelene, Vice President, Incentive Compensation
Employee since 1999

I want to make a difference in helping people become healthy so they can live long, happy, and fulfilling lives. My work here is doing just that. Syneos Health offers me many opportunities for professional as well as personal development. Our leaders care about the continued development of their teams and are experts in their own disciplines.

Lisa, Executive Sales Representative
Employee since 2011

I have had the pleasure of working alongside coworkers that I consider to be the best in their field. It’s different at Syneos Health: our environment is more creative, strategic, and we problem-solve collectively. I enjoy the challenges, opportunities to work on various projects, and the ability to interact with various clients.

Diane, National Nurse Manager
Employee since 2010

I joined Syneos Health after spending 4.5 years in pharma. I was looking to diversify my experience and bring some of my expertise to an advisory role, helping many different companies over time.

Heather, Senior Engagement Manager
Employee since 2018

Depuis que j’ai rejoint Syneos Health, j’ai eu de nombreuses occasions de croître professionnellement et de me développer sur le plan personnel. L’atmosphère ici est innovante, tournée vers l’avenir et c’est vraiment un excellent endroit pour travailler

Aisha, Sr. Regulatory and Site Activation Manager, Employee since 2014

Il est très motivant de se dire dès le matin que notre travail aide les gens à être en bonne santé ou à le rester.

Stefan, Manager Stat Programming,
Employee since 2006

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