le 9 août 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes endemic, the question remains if healthcare practices will return to pre-pandemic standards or transition to a not-yet-seen interaction model. Healthcare providers (HCPs) were surveyed as part of an ongoing project by our AnswerSuite team, and here’s what the network of healthcare providers had to say:

  • HCPs think telemedicine is most valuable in follow-up/maintenance and ongoing care.

As of early 2022, though many HCPs and specialties had moved back to their pre-pandemic practices, some specialties have continued to use remote means to their advantage when treating specific conditions or based on urgency of need.

  • The type of conditions treated via internet or phone has evolved over the course of the last 2.5 years.


In pre-pandemic times of late 2019, remote visits were heavily weighted
towards chronic health conditions with 62.5% of visits seen via internet or phone. Acute conditions have seen a gradual increase in remote visits as HCPs and patients become comfortable with the method of treatment. In early 2022, 45% of remote visits were acute conditions while 55% were chronic.

  • Increases in chronic conditions and mental health disorders present challenges in patient load and physician availability.
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