le 11 novembre 2020

Pharma sales is set to change forever. To keep afloat in the current climate, teams need to embrace flexibility and remember that traditional content won’t work in new contexts, say experts from Syneos Health.

Selling in a socially-distanced world is about more than simply taking conversations online – it requires a wholesale change in how sales teams operate and the kinds of content they use.

Ian Dorrian, president of Syneos Health communications Europe, says COVID-19 has driven “unprecedented disruption” in pharma’s interactions with its customers.

“There's no case study for this situation; we need to embrace risk and define a new normal."

“Every company has two choices: either they've got to lead change, and define a new normal, or see what others do and then play catch up forever.”

He says that at the beginning of the pandemic, Syneos Health had to quickly figure out how to adapt its sales processes to the new normal.

“Ultimately, patients still depend on those processes to bring new drugs to the market quickly. For them, speed is everything.”


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