le 16 décembre 2020

By: Dom Faulkner, Senior Consultant, Syneos Health Consulting

For biopharmaceutical executive and functional leadership, the build-out and integration of development and commercial organisations is an attractive yet daunting task. The fully integrated model offers an effective way to generate significant and sustained value (financial return on investment, scientific innovation and positive impact on patient lives). However, the journey to achieve this is fraught with strategic and organisational challenges that require effective navigation to deliver value to patients, and build a platform for future growth and innovation.

We have defined three key challenges facing leadership and their teams on this journey:

  1. Timely development of effective late-stage and commercial asset strategies.
  2. Build-out of organisational and functional capabilities to execute asset strategies in a compliant manner.
  3. Enabling talent to innovate in an evolving organisation.


This introductory article focuses on further defining these challenges. Over the coming months, we will explore each in detail, highlighting key risks and strategies that leadership should be mindful of when embarking on the journey to market.

Over the first three-article series, we will explore how leadership at emerging biopharmaceutical companies can manage change effectively, and build out and support high-performing teams in an evolving organisation.


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