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Allocating Commercial Resources to Elevate Omnichannel Marketing

The second installment in a series on commercial resource optimization. Read part one on Mastering New Commercialization Dynamics with an Adaptive Playbook here. Read part three on Extending Your Established Brand's Value in a Challenging Macroeconomic Environment here.

Engaging customers in a stable market is multi-faceted and complex. A fluctuating market adds a layer of complexity to doing so, particularly with their preferences constantly evolving. According to a recent Syneos Health® customer engagement benchmarking study, market variations have required most companies surveyed to downsize and restructure. To realign, organizations must identify the right balance of digital and face-to-face strategies for the most effective connection. In most cases they will need to do so with fewer resources and additional economic challenges.

Download the article below to understand the importance of creating a flexible omnichannel model in a dynamic drug development market that meets diverse customer needs. 

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