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Adoption of DCT has become much more widely accepted and established during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the need for sponsors and sites to be able to continue their research with current and future clinical trials. The expectation is that DCT approaches to clinical trials are now here to stay and the best ways to implement these patient centric approaches are being actively considered in all major clinical trial markets, including Japan.

In this video from DIA Japan, we provide a brief overview of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) and how patient-centric approaches such as mobile/offsite/home research nursing and patient concierge services fit into the global DCT ecosystem, including how DCT and research nurse approaches have been increasingly supported by regulatory agencies and successfully implemented around the world by the biopharmaceutical industry (including Japanese Pharma), investigators and study sites. 


DIA日本年会2021 ランチョンセミナー


本セミナーでは、「Decentralized Clinical Trial」(分散型臨床試験、DCT)の概要と、モバイル、オフサイト、在宅治験リサーチナース、患者コンシェルジュサービスなどの患者中心のアプローチがDCTシステムにどのように適合するか解説します。



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