le 22 septembre 2022

Early stage biotech companies have traditionally had limited options to get their first asset to market: in most cases, they pursue deals with larger partners, losing control of their intellectual property and limiting their future financial returns, or become a fully integrated company through heavy investment and a great deal of risk.

Opportunities for outsourcing some—or all—of a company’s commercial operations can be an option, but many companies have misconceptions about the highly viable “third option” of commercializing with a proven outsourced partner.

Lee Taurman, Executive Vice President and Head, Full-Service Commercial and Carl Sailer, Vice President and Global Go-to-Market Lead, both from Syneos Health, discuss the wide range of outsourcing options companies can consider that reduce risk, manage costs and optimize performance while maintaining control of their asset—while debunking some of the myths associated with this alternative path to market.


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