le 29 novembre 2022


2023 Health Trends: Personally, Purposefully Building What's Next

What’s Changed, What’s Changing and What Matters Most Right Now


In this inaugural episode of the limited podcast series on 2023 Health Trends, we’re setting the stage with Host and Author, 2023 Health Trends: Personally, Purposefully Building What’s Next, Leigh Householder.


Leigh provides a high-level look at what will be different this year. First, she discusses urgent optimism and the personal, purposeful commitments we have; to take our industry and our world to next. She goes through 12 Health Trends spanning technology, healthcare advancement and human engagement. These trends help us imagine what could be; our next – the future. Listen and learn what’s changed, what’s changing and what matters most right now.


Learn more about 2023 Health Trends here.


Leigh Householder is the EVP/Managing Director, Technology & Data Science at Syneos Health.

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