le 17 avril 2020


The realities of the changed market mean companies will have to rethink their commercialization tactics today to mitigate risk, keep momentum and thrive in the new future. As traditional access becomes increasingly difficult, adapting to a new digital environment is only a small part of the solution. Long-term success will come by pivoting commercialization strategies and adapting to new virtual interactions between field teams, health care providers (HCP) and patients. Syneos Health has identified four critical pivot points that biopharmaceutical companies should consider when planning for the short-term, mid-term and eventual restart reality.

Please watch this free webinar where our featured experts will detail those four critical commercialization pivot points to help better plan for the new market reality.

About the Speakers

Rich Gorman, Senior Vice President, Commercial Solutions, Syneos Health

Rich Gorman brings extensive biopharmaceutical experience across a number of functional areas to his role as SVP in the Commercial Solutions division of Syneos Health. He began his career with Marion Laboratories and invested 11 years with the company as it transitioned to what is today Sanofi.  During that time, Rich held various sales and marketing positions before moving on to health technology and start-up pharma ventures with Andrx Pharmaceuticals and as President of Tiber Laboratories. He has held various senior management roles related to drug development and led a sales training organization prior to joining Syneos Health.


Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Insights and Innovation, Syneos Health

Leigh Householder began her career creating digital, social and loyalty strategies for Fortune 1000 brands. Ten years ago, she made the move to healthcare and never looked back. Householder was a strategic lead on one of medicine’s biggest launches and has been an important partner to brands working to improve the lives of people fighting both chronic and acute diseases. She is co-author of ‘Why We Resist: The Surprising Truths about Motivating Behavior Change,” a guidebook for healthcare communicators, advocates and change agents. Today, she invests a lot of her time interviewing and engaging people who work on the frontlines of healthcare around the world to both understand and prioritize the shifts changing the industry and the world. You can see the annual compilation of leading life science trends from Syneos Health that Householder authors at trends.health.


For more information, download our related white paper, "Pivot Past the Pandemic," below

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