le 5 décembre 2018

As pharmaceutical and device manufacturers search for ways to improve the patient’s experience with medical treatment and be a conduit to guide patients through insurance, one key role emerges as a direct link between the company and the patient—clinical educators.

Clinical educators play the most versatile role in today’s healthcare industry. Like the hub of a wheel, clinical educators are at the center of a patient’s success with therapy, helping to navigate nearly every spoke of the system. The healthcare system is complex, and patients may feel overwhelmed as they try to comprehend healthcare pricing and insurance coverage on top of managing a disease, new treatment and perhaps even new care providers. Clinical educators can help support and guide patients through insurance coverage counseling, treatment education, location support, transition of care assistance, injection training and support, and integration of treatment into the patient’s lifestyle. Moreover, they can often provide these services remotely or even in the patient’s home.

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